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Zhang Aiping, Dean of the Zhangjiang Industrial Engineering Academy: Zhangjiang High -tech Zone gave birth to the first domestic artificial intelligent design articles

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CCCC 1.662 billion yuan competes for a premium rate of 12.86% for a residential land in HefeiDigital Economy Industry Weekly: 2024 Open a new chapter to grow in the direction and land to the kingThe Shantou south of Shantou, Shantou, Shantou, Shanwei section of the Overseas Township. Operating and broadcasting articles

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The General Institute of the Design Institute obtained a patent of a prefabricated pipe pile and a high -level intercepting device for prefabricated lid beams, saving construction cost broadcast articFuzhou: In 2023, the five district residential houses signed a contract of 17,100 sets of second -hand buildings to 37,600 unitsThe magical design of nature: Why can't humans imitate a dragonfly -like fluttering machine?Broadcast article


Xinwei Communication Application of the topology patent, which can design a low -pass filter broadcast article with simple structure, high selectivity, high isolation, and wide resistance bandXiaomi washing and drying machine, so that laundry is no longer troubled!Broadcast articleThe long monthly salary of the store is 20,000!Speed speeding of Xiaomi car: Reporter Real Survey of Jingming Technology Guangfo Branch broadcast articles


Vivo applies for wearable equipment patents, and provides a design plan for wearable equipmentZhongwang Software applys for a patent of a slope facilities to improve design efficiency broadcast articlesIdeal car 2024 Push flagship product MEGA expects to be delivered in early March

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Citi Bank: Hong Kong residential prices will fall more than 10% by the end of 2024Brokerage's point of view | Media Internet industry 2024 Annual Strategy: AI Attack, MR growth, optimistic about overall opportunities and going to the sea marketDo you think China ’s subway security checks are over?New York New Year's Security Rulai, queuing and frozen, no one dares to complain

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Global Perspective: Dengzhou Court held a conference on the work of Zhengfeng and Su Discipline during the New Year's Day of 2024The magical cat scratch board, cat likes to broadcast articles the mostGolita has repurchased 9.63 million shares to cost 178 million