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After picking the golden statue award, he married the 77 -year -old rich man. At the age of 61, she was the top winner in the entertainment industry.

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Do not escape the earthquake and entertain, is the respect for lifeEntertainment broke the news: Zhao Liying, Cheng Yi, Liu Xueyi, Mao Xiaotong, Wu Jinyan, Gillian,Infinite artists want to come back, Douyu anchor "Chen Yifa" is suspected to open live in the fast hand


Dong Jie wore a live broadcast of yoga pants. At a glance, Dong Jie was embarrassed!Liu Shishi was exploded?Xiao Zhan connected to the pit powder?Tan Songyun Zheng Yecheng made H rumors?Zhang Xincheng dropped coffee?Yu Zhengmeng female fan?Li Hongyi's top flowing resources?Find a star endorsement process

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Oriental Shenqi returns to the "K-Pop Legendary Artist" for 4 days, it is worth looking forward to!Good guy, "Sound Extinction 3" will not be evaluated, and the reason for the audience is surprisingly consistentWTT Women's Finals Chen Meng and Wang Manyu compete in white!The Paris Olympic Games Selection Points will start

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WTT Finals Women's Doubles Championship is expected to be selected for the Paris Olympic Games. 3 people compete for 1 P cardLi Qian's agent artist endorsement signing contractWhat happened to our team?It was the bronze medal strength of the Olympic Games, and now it has fallen missing the Olympic Games


Why did Liu Xiang, who used to be "not one life", has reached that step now?Find a star endorsement processZhang Zhizhen shouted the slogan of the new season!Men's network famous generals will enter the top 3?Netizen: Looking forward to refreshing history


Aofei Entertainment: On December 20th, the amount of margin trading sold of 4.3886 million yuan, accounting for 0.37% of the amount of outflows on the dayAdded a new co-pilot entertainment screen, the pre-sale price of the new Lingke 09 EM-P starts from 318,000Liu Yuning live "threat" fans?How can he balance the status of the star and the Internet?