Huawei Yu Chengdong is also a star employee that did not encounter Dong Yuhui's encounter


Don't recognize your hometown when you are famous?The truth of the celebrities became the truth of the sea and Hong Kong people!Jia Nailiang also learned to live broadcast and bring the goods, Huang Xiaoming and Zhao Wei joined the camp to be comparable to "Running Man""‘ Yi ’Starting and running to embrace low -carbon life" makes garbage classification a new fashion for civilizations participating in the whole people

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Ethics does not match, does not know, and is raised by the central media. Why do these illiterate stars become popular?Gansu earthquake donation details: Mainland stars are actively donating forces, and most of the artists in Hong Kong and Taiwan are absent!Stars walk into the auto parts industry to endorse, what is the effect of marketing?


Splashing water, prying the door, from Andy Lau to Jackie Chan, they all encounter fans "violent stars"Star Gossip: Jia Nailiang's old feelings recovered, Zhang Yimou held a newcomer, Zhang Lan, and Tai were scoldedGansu earthquake Hong Kong and Taiwan star donations, the last one is all big names but none of them have action

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Six stars who write "ambitions" on their faces are clever and successful, all of them are not simple.Star biological companies are orally weighed pills, but they are not as expectedOriginally burst out the news that Deng Lun's team, suspected of raising a marketing number to deal with multiple actresses, dumping the pot to discredit the rhythm

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Guo Caijie posted a Weibo again, and was implicated by the innocent and entered the scandal incident.Earthquake is ruthless, star love?Wang Junkai's donation storm has aroused heated discussion among netizensHundreds of celebrities assisted Gansu, Jia Nailiang donated more than 5 million, Deng Chao Sun Yan donated materials

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Hundreds of celebrities assisted Gansu, Jia Nailiang donated more than 5 million, Deng Chao Sun Yan donated materialsCan't carry it anymore, another American star company is going to be cold"Small hand holding big hands" helps to implement new fashion of garbage classification