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National Taiwan Affairs Office: Lai Qingde's provocative remarks are very dangerous, hoping that the majority of Taiwan compatriots recognize the extreme danger of "Taiwan independence"


Taiwanese children's education experts "cross the sea" for love: Light on the light of the special children's hope on the road of dreamingCritical overseas short Korean additional "Ban Sky Order" broadcast articleCritical overseas short Korean additional "Ban Sky Order" broadcast article


China's "Xihou Du": For more than 2.4 million years ago, the origin of Africa has evidence?The export volume in Taiwan fell 21.2%year -on -year broadcast articlesTaiwan Chinese Tea Culture Association in Guangdong Chaozhou "Lingtou Single Cong" Syria Chinese Tea Culture Broadcasting Articles


Xingyu's application for hoods and lamp patents can effectively block the outer sunlight focus, avoid the lamps from being expired after a long time of sunlight.The warmth of the benefit of Taiwan farmers (sun and moon talk) broadcast articlesNote on Taiwan station | Listen!All sectors of Taiwan are looking forward to cross -strait exchanges "spring flowers bloom" broadcast articles

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Taiqing.com celebrates the "Wonderful Qingdao, I'm here".Taiwan Hualien Agricultural Inspection Team visited Shanwei Visiting and Broadcasting ArticlesWinter outdoor sports clothing selection strategy broadcast article

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Can you get huge subsidies as soon as you are born?How to broadcast articles in South Korea's "heavy money" effect will be broadcastTaiwan China Airlines received 60 member information such as Lai Qingde and Xiao Meiqin, such as Lai Qingde and Xiao Meiqin, suspected abuse and broadcast articlesThe well -known Taiwanese actress has been exposed to being violent by domestic and bravely exposed the evidence of the alarm.


Farmers Daily's front page: The re -broadcast of food safety that is thought of from the "grain" from the back of the grain to South KoreaThe Korean group is here to steal again!The Chinese New Year is called the Chinese New Year, and fans were cleaned by the official change to face a face -to -face broadcast articleMinistry of Commerce: It is recognized that Taiwan's trade restrictions on mainland trade constitute a broadcast of trade barriers